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     Yes, it's the 2004 bollywood movie that I am reviewing in 2018! I had seen it in theatres 14 years back. Just the other day while flipping through movies on Netflix I stumbled on Lakshya again. I thought this an apt movie to watch along with my teen age son. Afterall it's a movie that deals with Lakshya or the Aim of a youngster who is just coming to terms with life after college. 

      I guess most of you have already seen the movie, but back in 2004 this was not a smashing hit like some of the less deserving hits that go on to make Rs 100 cr, 200 cr these days. The box office economics worked differently those days! Sometimes good movies flop and no better example for that than this one. If you haven't watched it, now is the time!

     This movie was truly ahead of its time. It's the story of a young man who transforms from an aimless, lethargic, "Main aisa kyun hoon (why am i like this?)" types to one of the hero defending our national border and winning us the Kargil war(conflict as some may say!). Ofcourse everything had to be triggered by his lady love to give it a fimly touch.

     Even while watching for the 2nd time, I never felt how those 185 minutes went by. This was probably the best directorial effort of Farhan Akhtar and easily the best performance ever by Hrithik Roshan. Both of them steal the show, one behind the scene and the other is the center of the scene. As I watched it, I felt bad that these days we are missing Farhan Akthar, the director to Farhan Akthar, the actor and lost Hrithik Roshan, the actor somewhere. Amitabh Bachchan and Preity Zinta are merely in supporting roles with not much to do.  You will not get to see a better war movie than this in Bollywood. The enemy state is not shown like a bunch of fools, the war scenes are captured to a lot of details and some of the visuals are spectacular considering it's a decade and half old film. It's one of those films that one must watch every five or ten years. One of my top 5 bollywood movies. I would rate 4.5 out of 5 stars. Never a dull moment and a lot of infotainment! Well worth another watch.

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